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Introducing the NATO 2.0 and Broad Weave

They’re finally here! I’m really proud to present seven brand new NATO straps to the B&J shop. I struggled with the new name for these guys, but since they are the result of a number of upgrades to our previous NATO straps, I’ve gone for NATO 2.0. 

Before introducing our brand new style of strap, let’s go over the past favourites that have been through the 2.0 refresh! Our Grey, Black, New Bond and Vintage Bond Seatbelt nylon straps are as soft and comfortable as ever, but now include more contemporary, circular heat-sealed buckle holes for added strength and a thinner, but still solid, buckle pin. NATO 2.0 also includes the addition of the full Bark & Jack logo engraved on the bottom steel keeper. 

We’ve teased you with enough Instagram shots, the Broad Weave has landed! This is our take on the single-pass NATO strap. Broad Weave comes in three colour options: Bronze - combining a weave of sandy and grey browns, Arrods - a deep, rich green in combination with a lighter olive hue and finally, Blueberry - jet black woven with a classic navy blue. These straps are perfect for those weightier, taller watches that can feel cumbersome on traditional two-piece NATOs. The Broad Weave’s hefty construction allows even the chunkiest of watches to sit comfortably on-wrist while also adding a pop of colour.

I’ve put a lot of work into these new straps and I think you’re going to love them - I can’t wait to hear what you think.


  • Hi,
    Received my new Bond Nato today and very nice it is to. A really nice quality strap. Now I just need the watch I’m putting it on to arrive.

    David Shaw
  • Hello Adrian, 

    I’ve just received my original Bond nato for my green oris diver 65, it came promptly the next day and the quality is second to none, I couldn’t be happier ! Thank you very much for your excellent product and service, this will be the first of many purchases from B&J !!

    Regards Simon Gray 

    Simon Gray
  • Just received my grey nato 2.0 18mm strap yesterday. It’s an amazing strap and looks fantastic on my Hamilton W10 reissue.
    Now I NEED another one in 20mm! 10 minutes after opening the package I made the order. :D
    Well done Adrian!

    Cheers from Germany!

    Michael Altvater
  • I just received my order of 4 straps (Nato 2.0 as well as Arrods Broad Weave). They are AMAZING! Ich bought a few Nato straps over the years, but these are just that tiny bit better. The material is not overly thick, but has just the right thickness for heavy watch heads to not flop around. The strap keepers are just high/ broad enough to make tucking the excess strap in easy, even though I have small wrist and quite a bit of excess flopping around. This means that for the first time in ages I do not have to cut the nato down at all. In combination with the just right thickness of the straps the tucked part also is quite unobtrusive and looks just right to my eyes. The buckle is also really nice and with its bent shape conforms to the wrist nicely!

    The most recent Nato I bought before the B&J ones was an original Omega for a crap-load of money. And that one is just rubbish compared to the B&J Natos

    (I am not paid or sponsored ;-) just really impressed)
    Again – truly impressed.

  • Hi Adrian,
    Received my grey Nato 2 and it looks stunning on my blue/grey dial Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. The little touches like the pouch, hand signed label and waxed seal all adds to a great experience.

    Peter Forshaw

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