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Introducing the NATO 2.0 and Broad Weave

They’re finally here! I’m really proud to present seven brand new NATO straps to the B&J shop. I struggled with the new name for these guys, but since they are the result of a number of upgrades to our previous NATO straps, I’ve gone for NATO 2.0. 

Before introducing our brand new style of strap, let’s go over the past favourites that have been through the 2.0 refresh! Our Grey, Black, New Bond and Vintage Bond Seatbelt nylon straps are as soft and comfortable as ever, but now include more contemporary, circular heat-sealed buckle holes for added strength and a thinner, but still solid, buckle pin. NATO 2.0 also includes the addition of the full Bark & Jack logo engraved on the bottom steel keeper. 

We’ve teased you with enough Instagram shots, the Broad Weave has landed! This is our take on the single-pass NATO strap. Broad Weave comes in three colour options: Bronze - combining a weave of sandy and grey browns, Arrods - a deep, rich green in combination with a lighter olive hue and finally, Blueberry - jet black woven with a classic navy blue. These straps are perfect for those weightier, taller watches that can feel cumbersome on traditional two-piece NATOs. The Broad Weave’s hefty construction allows even the chunkiest of watches to sit comfortably on-wrist while also adding a pop of colour.

I’ve put a lot of work into these new straps and I think you’re going to love them - I can’t wait to hear what you think.


  • Love the Arrods Nato mate, hope you restock them soon!!

    William Holmes
  • Any Arrods broad weave Nato? I want to buy one too!

    John Lee
  • Got anymore Arrods? I want to buy one!

    James Dawes
  • Thanks Adrian for the delivery of the grey NATO 2.0 18mm and leather watch pouch. The NATO has breathed fresh life into my mid size seamaster and the pouch is the new travel companion to my BB58. Delivery was quick and packaging beyond what I expected. Thanks Luke

  • The Broad Weave in Arrods is spectacular! The color is amazing and the strap quality is outstanding, super silky and comfortable. The hardwear is top notch, too. If I get a watch with a blue dial, I’m going to order the Bronze. Shipping to the US was fast. Thanks!


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