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How to change your watch strap

Here is how to remove your bracelet, fit your new nato or leather strap, and also how to fit your bracelet again:

How to Remove a bracelet:
1:46 with hollow end links and case holes 
4:58 with hollow end links and no-holes case
7:44 with solid end link bracelet on a modern Rolex. 

How to Fit Leather Strap:
3:00 How to fit a leather strap to any Rolex
3:50 How a Rolex case can damage a strap

How to Fit a NATO Strap:
6:17 How to fit a nato strap to an old 36mm Rolex case
6:42 Purpose of the Nato strap
8:26 How to attach a nato strap to a modern Rolex

How to attach your bracelet:
9:24 How to attach any Rolex bracelet to any Rolex case


  • Hi Adrian. I wanted to order two nato 2s. The dark blueberry and the bond. Both 20mm. When are you getting stock back in?

  • Will you have 21mm straps available for the new 124060? Love the YouTube content!


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